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About Belize

Belize is a country in the Central America with an area of approximately 9,000 square miles, and population of about 250,000.

The country can offer comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure and efficient international courier services. Many airlines functioning in Belize provide direct access to and from Central and North America, and, consequently, worldwide connections.

Local currency is the Belize dollar which has a fixed exchange rate with USD. Offshore activities are free from exchange control.

Traditional economy is based on the export of products of agriculture and fishing. During the last years, the economy of Belize is in the process of diversification and significant growth of such sectors as tourism and eco-tourism, manufacturing and international financial services industry. Belize has introduced modern and flexible legislation, and offers some of the best and secure offshore financial services, attracting international business and investments. Now the country creates high-level basis for the incorporation of offshore companies that wish to conduct legitimate business internationally, while ensuring the security and privacy in the offshore jurisdiction of Belize.

The main piece of corporate legislation is International Business Companies (IBC) Act, 1990, which guarantees confidentiality, security and privacy for offshore companies incorporated under this Act. Other pieces regulating registration and functioning of Belize offshore companies are International Business Companies (Amendment) Act, 1995 and Limited Life Companies Act, 1999.

Belize (formerly known as British Honduras) has been under British rule since 1862 and became independent in 1981; now it is democratic country in the process of development. The name of Belize was restored in 1973.

Now Belize is a member of many organizations, including the British Commonwealth of Nations, the United Nations, the Non-Aligned Movement, the Organization of American states, CariCom, the African Caribbean and Pacific group (ACP), and others. The legal and judiciary system in Belize is based on the British Common Law. The official language is English, Spanish is widely spoken.