Offshore company in Belize

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Information About Belize Offshore Companies

Belize International Business Company (IBC) normally can be incorporated within one or two days. Additional time (2—4 business days) may be required for preparation of documents and their legalization with Apostille.

There are certain trading restrictions: Belize IBC’s cannot conduct trading activities within the jurisdiction; also companies cannot own real estate in Belize, or be involved in the banking or insurance business.

It is required to have a registered office located in Belize, at the address of a licensed management company. Business address of the company may be in any country. It is required for a Belize IBC to have minimum one shareholder and one director, they can be the same person, and they may be of any nationality. A company may have corporate director. The company is not required to have any other officers, however it may certainly do so, if needed.

There is no requirement to have the meetings of shareholders or directors held in Belize, also there is no requirement for regular holding of Annual General Meeting.

There is no requirement to file audited financial statements with the Belize authorities, however Belize offshore company must keep financial records reflecting its financial position.

Belize offshore legislation provides high level of flexibility. Belize companies may have any fixed amount of authorized capital starting from US$1, or have no authorized capital at all. The standard authorized share capital of Belize IBC is US$50,000, divided into shares with or without par value. Minimum issued capital may be one share of no par value or one share of par value. Share capital may be expressed in any currency. The amount and type of authorized capital of Belize IBC affects the government incorporation license fee and annual fee applicable to the company.

Belize offshore International Business Company becomes an increasingly popular type of corporation, because of the high level of privacy protection, very quick and simple incorporation procedure, quite low fees, and the flexibility if its corporate structure. Belize IBC may be formed depending on your requirements, and it may fit to simple business deals as well as to international, multi-shareholder structures with complex system of management and internal control.